About Us

Cars and Trucks for Anyone was founded in 2014 by a local business person, Geoff Epstein. Geoff Epstein was the owner of Pioneer Insurance Brokers for 28 years prior to selling his business in 2013. Geoff was a prominent broker in the insurance industry and had gained a reputation for doing honest and transparent business over the years. A businessman at heart, Geoff opened Cars For Anyone with the help of his daughter Jordan Newington and son in-law Adam Newington.

Both Adam and Jordan came from different backgrounds prior to entering the automotive industry. Adam previously pursued a career in construction project management, working on notable projects like the Pan Am Games, Ballsillie School of International Affairs, and Centura head office. While Jordan completed her Ph.D at the University of Western Ontario, in the field of cell and molecular biology. She later went on to teach in the faculty of Biology at Western University. They have been a couple since high school and have always been keen with the idea of working together. When Geoff decided to pursue a business in the automotive industry and required their help in doing so, they knew this was the opportunity they were waiting for.

While the automotive industry was vastly different from their education and experience, both quickly embraced it and sought to make long time careers out of it. The lessons and experience Adam and Jordan gained from working alongside Geoff have been invaluable. Adam and Jordan pride themselves in their low pressure, informative and transparent approach to selling vehicles.

In 2019, Adam and Jordan took over ownership of Cars and Trucks for Anyone. Adam and Jordan plan on serving the Kitchener-Waterloo used car market for years to come. Do not hesitate to drop in and meet the couple, changing the way used vehicles are sold.

Our Mission

Personal dedication of all staff is directed toward our goal of complete customer satisfaction.

Our Focus

The company future is based on providing an economical blend of solid vehicle ownership and feasible finance solutions.

Our Pride

We highly value the special abilities of our entire staff and are proud to extend this expertise and enthusiasm to our present and future clientele.

Our Quality

CARS & TRUCKS FOR ANYONE is self-explanatory. Our diverse inventory is designed to accommodate a cross-section of society, regardless of social standing.

The Company

At CARS & TRUCKS FOR ANYONE, we believe in treating our valued customers as we expect to be treated.

An old adage to be sure, but this commitment has proven to be beneficial to all in the past, and will continue in our future.

We have two easily accessible locations, a large varied selection of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, and all are priced in an aggressive, competitive manner.

CARS & TRUCKS FOR ANYONE comprises the entire package in an honest search for a full value used vehicle. Our bonus is our unique ability to provide in-house financing regarding clients in need of additional assistance.