In-House Financing

Our finance approval at CARS & TRUCKS FOR ANYONE is simple, direct and beneficial to our ever-growing clientele. We assume responsibility to provide the lowest interest rate available in our quest to satisfy all applications. This commitment can often result in the necessity of applying for what is termed secondary financing, and this option is an integral part of our operation at CARS & TRUCKS FOR ANYONE.

Our in house financing source appreciates that people can suffer from monetary difficulties for varying reasons, and this basic acknowledgment can serve to be more than helpful.

Our program is essentially two-fold. We enable our customer to own a vehicle that was previously unattainable, and also empower him/her to rebuild a derogatory credit history.

Our in-house finance program is an integral part of the success story at CARS & TRUCKS FOR ANYONE. We realize unfortunate events often lead to financial restriction, and strive to provide a solution to eventual customer prosperity.

Our process is simple, direct, confidential, and the varied inventory at CARS & TRUCKS FOR ANYONE consists of vehicles that accommodate the needs of our customer base.

To begin, and to join our ever-growing client base at CARS & TRUCKS FOR ANYONE, complete our secure, online credit application. In addition; you will need to provide.

  • A current driver’s license copy
  • An invoice sample to your current address (hydro bill, phone bill etc.)
  • A current pay stub
  • A void cheque or PAD (pre-authorized debit form)
man giving keys

We will contact you within 24 hours, and initiate ownership of a vehicle of your choice.

Financing Approval Green